Wine Tasting

Price: $60

When thinking of wine, most people think France, California, Australia, Chile… but Switzerland? Yes, Switzerland. The savvy Swiss, though not the most renowned for their vintages, create a variety of delicious wines they prefer to keep for themselves.

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Mountain Tour

Price: $5 / 1 hours

Altamira is a wonderful choice for a short or long vacation. Situated just minutes away from the centre of Antigua Guatemala, this contemporary property is perched on the top of a mountain with awe-inspiring views of the Acatenango, Fuego, and agua volcano, just in the middle of a virgin forest.

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Mountain Helicopter Tour

Price: $314 / 40 min

Built in traditional Savoyard style, this elegant chalet perfectly combines rustic charm with contemporary design, and offers spectacular views of Mont Blanc from the open-plan living/dining area. But you can’t stay at home all the time, you can take our breathtaking helicopter tour.

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